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  • Receiving/Bulk Shipping Clerk

    Job Title: Receiving/Bulk Shipping Clerk 

    Department: Distribution 

    Status: Full-time 

    Report To: Director, Distribution 

    FLSA Designation: Non-Exempt

    Job Summary:
    Unload, inspect and verify items as they are received, tag items with appropriate status/disposition, receive items in 4Life’s computer system, pull samples, identify pallets/inventory, move inventory to appropriate warehouse storage locations.
    Pull/pick inventory items and prepare documentation for domestic/international shipping.
    Maintain and control inventory stored in the warehouse, perform cycle counts and physical inventories.

    Job Functions: All staff members will fulfill the following responsibilities at an acceptable level of performance:
    • Unload and inspect product for damage, verify receipt of items, verify product received to PO, pull samples as required, identify products received with status/disposition tags, process receipt of inventory items in MAS500, and back-flush as required, identify/tag inventory items and move to appropriate warehouse storage locations.
    • Pull/pick inventory items and prepare for shipment, verify items pulled and assure that they are released for shipment, prepare appropriate/required shipment documentation per shipment SOP’s, coordinate with and acquire necessary permits and/or certificates from International Product Registration and Quality.
    • File freight claims as necessary for goods/products that are received damaged.
    • Research/Resolve inventory discrepancies to maintain accurate inventory levels.
    • Receive or initiate MDA’s and acquire appropriate signatures to return, donate or scrap appropriate inventory items.
    • Accurately identifies HTS classification for products that are shipping internationally.
    • Review and determines cost efficient method to ship product assuring that the appropriate transportation mode and carrier is utilized.
    • Acquires rate quotes to complete domestic/international shipment documentation as required.
    • All other duties that may be assigned.

    • 3 years of warehouse/distribution experience preferred; however, motivated self directed candidates may be considered.
    • Must have strong leadership qualities.
    • Must be able to lift 70 lbs., and stand for extended periods of time.
    • Must be able to read, understand, and pull orders using various reports or pick-lists.
    • Must be self-directed and able to work with minimal supervision.
    • Must have the ability to come in early and/or stay late on occasion with short notice.
    • Fluent understanding of Harmonized Tariff Schedules (HTS) with the ability to research, determine, classify and/or modify as necessary for importation or exportation.
    • Must be able to read through, train on, and understand the SOP’s required for the job position.

    1. Must have strong math and reading skills as well as good communication skills.
    a. Email communication will be critical to job function.
    b. Must be able to convey concise details in daily communications.
    2. Must be a team player, self-motivated and dependable as many job functions will require minimal supervision after completion of training period.
    3. Must be a certified forklift driver with a minimum of 1 year of experience; however 3 years are preferred.
    a. Be able to follow through with forklift maintenance checks
    4. Must have good/strong Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Outlook skills to create simple to complex documents.
    a. Ability to type will be beneficial to job performance
    b. Understanding of Windows short-cut keys
    c. Excel: Working from pre-generated templates
    d. Excel: Changing the template when required (adding/deleting columns/cells)
    e. Excel: Understanding the use of formulas and how to change them
    5. Must be very detail oriented, have good organizational skills and have the ability to work under stringent time restraints.

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