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Monday, December 17, 2012

New Gold International Diamonds in Russia

Salt Lake City, Utah (December 17, 2012) 4Life is proud to announce that Larisa Isakova and Dmitriy Isakov have become 4Life’s newest Gold International Diamonds from Russia. Gold International Diamonds are the second highest rank in the company and include outstanding leaders worldwide. Larisa and Dmitriy are the third distributors to achieve this rank in Russia.

International Director Boldmaa Nyamdoo: “Larisa and Dmitriy are leaders who have made a difference not only in Russia, but also in Siberia, Mongolia, and elsewhere. They make a terrific team that continues to offer valuable support and leadership to many 4Life distributors. I sincerely congratulate them on this wonderful accomplishment.”

Larisa and Dmitriy met at a 4Life opportunity meeting in 2009. At the time, Dmitriy did not plan on being involved in 4Life. But, as they worked together doing leadership trainings, they developed a close relationship and decided to get married. Since that time, they have each grown as 4Life leaders and as partners.

“We enjoy working with 4Life, setting goals for the future and achieving them together. Network marketing is a team business. We like being able to help people utilize their professional potential. This keeps us motivated to continue moving forward together.”

Larisa and Dmitriy have two children and are expecting a third at the beginning of next year. They enjoy playing sports together as a family and taking time to be outdoors.

Senior Vice President, International Jeff Kalinin: “Larisa and Dmitriy understand the value of teamwork and the positive impact that can result. On behalf of our entire executive team, it’s a privilege to recognize their achievement. I wish them continued success as they grow together while building their business and making a positive impact wherever they network around the world.”

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