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Thursday, August 20, 2009

4Life’s Mexico Office* Launches 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida Burst™ Tri-Factor® Formula

Salt Lake City, Utah (August 20, 2009) 4Life Research announced today that RioVida Burst™ Tri-Factor™ Formula, the world’s first edible gel supplement that combines the benefits of Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula with an antioxidant-rich fruit juice blend, is now available throughout Mexico. More than 430 people attended the highly successful product launch, held in Mexico City, World Trade Center Cd. De Mexico, on Monday, July 13.

The RioVida Burst™ launch was highlighted during an event that also featured presentations by corporate executives and distributor recognition. Regional Director, Latin America Manuel Ramírez attended the successful event along with Transfer Factor Mexico staff, including: Operations Manager Eduardo de Leon, Financial Manager Francisco Alvarez; Distributor Services Manager Joan Mendoza; and Marketing Manager David Rosales.

Key distributor leaders attending, included Gold International Diamonds José Alberto and Sandra Rivera Nova; and International Diamonds Francisco Archer, Lily Sánchez, Jesús e Itala Rivera Nova, Maty and Gonzalo Peralta, Mauricio Martínez, and Ana Luz Torres Aldana.

“A torrent of opportunity has arrived in Mexico,” stated Rosales. This is undoubtedly an event that will mark the next level of success for our great leaders in Mexico.”

“This new product gives our leaders an excellent new opportunity to build their businesses,” concluded Ramírez. “RioVida Burst™ offers great benefits for a quality life and a business building tool to help approach new prospects. I am confident it will further drive the growth and success of our distributors in Mexico and help make their lives more successful.”

4Life, category creator of Transferceutical™ Science and world leader in the development, production, and distribution of Transfer Factor support products, continues to post growth in more than 40 countries around the world.

*4Life operates as Transfer Factor Mexico in Mexico.

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Alice Lilo
US Field Coordinator
4Life Research USA, LLC

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