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    MusculoSkeletal Formula Share

    Products > Joint & Bone Health > MusculoSkeletal Formula
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    • Item #7030 MusculoSkeletal Formula

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    Herbal support for bones, joints, and muscles

    Primary Support: Muscle, Bone, & Joint

    • Contains key ingredients that support muscle repair
    • Includes ingredients for soft tissue support of overworked muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves

    MusculoSkeletal Formula provides nutritional support to both the structural system and eliminative organs of the body. In addition to supporting healthy connective tissue and bone marrow, this beneficial formula helps ease overused and overstressed muscles with a combination of herbs that promote the removal of unwanted metabolic waste. The herbs in this product have been historically used to move metabolic waste and other toxins from fatty and connective tissues into the liver and kidneys, where they are eliminated from the body. The ingredients in this formula also nourish the marrow, supporting the body’s role in producing normal red blood cells.

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