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Foundation 4Life®


Building a Legacy of Service

Foundation 4Life® was founded in 2006 to offer humanitarian aid in countries where 4Life does business. 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee knew that they not only wanted to better people’s lives through 4Life products and compensation plan, but also through helping those who were less fortunate.

As part of the 4Life service mission, Foundation 4Life works to provide shelter and education to those in need.  With a particular focus on the children of the world, this 501(c)3 entity utilizes 100% of all donations  to give young people tools to empower themselves and take the necessary steps to make educational goals a real possibility.

This grassroots effort extends from distributors to the 4Life executive team. To see a complete overview of our humanitarian projects, visit the Foundation 4Life website.

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