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Lights 4Life


4Life’s Service Recognition Program

Lights 4Life™ is a program that recognizes the outstanding service efforts of our distributors. When we bring our individual lights together, we can radiate hope for those in need. Let your own service story inspire others to begin lifting the burdens of people around them. Contributor donations are accumulated on an 18-month cycle, in conjunction with 4Life international conventions. Click here for a complete list of these special Lights 4Life™ recipients.

At the Heart of It
At 4Life international conventions, this award is presented to distributors who exhibit passion for serving others. These distributors reach out in acts of service in their local and global communities and truly take the 4Life mission to heart through charitable acts of kindness.

Beacon of Hope
These donors have been awarded Beacon of Hope status by making a Foundation 4Life® or 4Life Fortify™ donation valued at $5,000 or more.

Ray of Sunshine
Ray of Sunshine status is awarded to those donors who make Foundation 4Life or 4Life Fortify donation valued at $3,000–$4,999.

Light 4Life
Donors are awarded Light 4Life status by making a Foundation 4Life or 4Life Fortify donation valued at $100–$2,999.

“I am proud to contribute to Foundation 4Life and help build the lives of children around the world. I will carry in my heart the smiles of the children that we help.”
Benito Garcia
International Diamond
2010 At the Heart of It Award Recipient

“When I returned to Thailand after the international convention in 2007, I immediately got involved with serving children in my community. As I share the 4Life business opportunity, I make contact with others who love serving as much as I do. Make service part of your 4Life legacy and build people all over the world.”
Nongnut Buwan
International Diamond
2009 At the Heart of It Award Recipient

“When an individual reaches out in service to others, that one person is making a positive difference. With Foundation 4Life, we have the unique opportunity as a group to make an enormous difference together.”
David Phillips
Gold International Diamond
2009 At the Heart of It Award Recipient
Washington, USA

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