Enhance your business with My4Life.

This personalized website is a feature of and is available to all 4Life distributors free of charge. My4Life will make purchasing products and enrolling new team members easier than ever before. No additional signup is required.

Get My4Life

Accessing your My4Life website is as easy as typing your distributor ID at the end of the company URL. Navigate to ID to start a session.

If you prefer to use an approved name instead of your distributor ID you can do so by logging into your Account. For example, a customized website could be

Guest checkout

Your customers will have the option to purchase products as a guest rather than having to log in or sign up. You can rest assured that the Principle Volume (PV) from any purchase will be credited towards your rank requirements.

Sign up prospects into your organization

You can feel confident that people can easily join your team by enrolling on your My4Life website. When they enroll on your website, you will automatically be assigned as his or her sponsor and enroller. However, if you prefer, you can specify another enroller and/or sponsor to strategically build your business. Once a guest has visited your My4Life website, will remember that person so he or she can easily return to your website even if that person forgets your distributor ID.

Share your contact information

Guests visiting your My4Life website can easily find your contact information in the upper left corner of any page. You can easily update your contact information in the Account Management section of your Account.

Account management

The My4Life experience is automatically available to you upon enrolling as a distributor. Log into your Account and visit the Account Management section to customize your website and establish your unique hosted link.

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