4Life Names Vice President of Service 7/20/2017

4Life Names Vice President of Service

Salt Lake City, Utah (July 20, 2017) 4Life recently appointed Catherine Larsen to the position of Vice President of Service. She will continue the remarkable work of long-time Service Director Tracie Kay by overseeing the non-profit Foundation 4Life® organization and the for-profit 4Life Fortify® service program.

Catherine attended law school at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and began working at 4Life eight years ago as Director of International Product Registration (IPR). She was then promoted to Vice President of IPR.

Chief Marketing Officer Danny Lee: “Catherine exhibits passion and integrity with everything she does. It’s exciting to see her assume responsibility for such an important assignment.”

In addition to maintaining corporate partnerships with groups like La Casa Rosada, Feed the Children®, and SOS Children’s Villages, Catherine will also connect 4Life distributors and employees with the children and families they serve.

Larsen: “We want everyone to see the greater meaning in the service they provide. We want them to feel an emotional connection with those they serve. So many people in the world want to do good, but don’t know how to start. Opportunities are everywhere. At Foundation 4Life, we want to connect people to their own communities.”

Catherine has traveled to more than 70 countries, to many of them as a 4Life employee. In her spare time, she enjoys playing guitar in her bluegrass band.

Senior Vice President of International Jeff Kalinin: “One of the privileges of my job is witnessing the common desire we all share to serve people in need. I look forward to supporting Catherine’s leadership as she builds upon Founder Bianca Lisonbee’s legacy of service.”

4Life has offices in 24 markets to serve a global network of independent distributors and their customers.

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