Compliance Corner

The 4Life® mission of Together, Building People® through science, success, service, and satisfaction extends worldwide, with offices in 24 countries and operations in over 50 countries. People join 4Life for a variety of reasons. Many enroll to enjoy the health benefits of exclusive 4Life Transfer Factor® products.* Some people sign up to earn part-time income. Others join 4Life to build full-time businesses. Whatever your reason, we are honored to have you as an independent Affiliate. Thank you for honoring the legal regulations under which the company operates.

4Life encompasses two industries—dietary supplements and direct sales. Both industries have specific regulations to which 4Life complies. Although you are an Affiliate, you are an extension of 4Life. That means you must comply with these regulations. 4Life and 4Life Affiliates have enjoyed an excellent reputation of integrity around the world for many years. As we comply with these important regulations, we ensure our continued success.

We have included compliance training sections below, so that you can comply with regulations and help us continue to fulfill the 4Life mission of Together, Building People.

If you have questions regarding your obligations with regard to these legal requirements, we welcome your communication at [email protected].