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The Science Behind 4LifeTransform® Man and 4LifeTransform® Woman

The Science Behind  4LifeTransform® Man and 4LifeTransform® Woman

Brent Vaughan, PhD Vice President of Research & Development

There are three key areas of healthy sexual function: desire, arousal, and performance. Whether you’re male or female, you need all three of these in order to achieve a truly fulfilling sex life. However, men and women do not achieve these three aspects in the same manner.

Desire is usually a bigger concern for women and, thus, an important area of focus in 4LifeTransform Woman. Velvet bean extract, high in the neurotransmitter L-DOPA, helps to support healthy sexual desire for women. Likewise, evening primrose defatted seed extract works through a number of chemical messenger systems to help enhance the production of lubricating fluids. This last effect appears to have the largest impact on desire for women. For men, desire is mostly a function of blood flow. L-citrulline supports healthy blood flow for both men and women.*

Arousal is also different for men and women. For men, it is predominately a consequence of testosterone levels and blood flow. In 4LifeTransform® Man, vitamin D, bioflavonoids, and Korean ginseng extract help support these two aspects of arousal.4 In 4LifeTransform® Woman, l-citrulline supports arousal by aiding blood flow to specific tissues. In addition, evening primrose extract adds to this effect by supporting healthy lubrication levels.*

Performance is enhanced through the combination of all of these ingredients. Support for healthy blood flow, testosterone levels, lubrication, and neurotransmitter communication come together so that both partners get the most out of their sexual experience and enjoy healthy and active lifestyles.*

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