4Life Pre-Convention Rally 8/15/2019
4Life Pre-Convention Rally
Salt Lake City, Utah (August 15, 2019) 4Life executives participated in a Social Economic Networkers (SEN) team rally in Southern California to encourage distributors to register for convention September 11–14 in Orlando, Florida. There were 2,000 attendees.

Platinum International Diamond Dr. Herminio Nevárez spoke about the benefits of working with 4Life and having a product-centered business. Vice President of Marketing Kelly Bellerose and Vice President of Marketing Communications Deborah Dixon spoke about the importance of attending convention and shared information about new products.

Bellerose: “We are beyond excited to share the many ways our distributors can rise to their awesome potential at convention this year! We will launch new products backed by research, have meaningful service projects, offer powerful education opportunities, and it’s always a special time to connect with old friends and meet new friends!”

In addition to Nevárez, many distributor leaders attended the rally, including Platinum International Diamonds Lilly and Angel Sánchez, Gold International Diamonds Esthela Carpio Rodas and Galo Celi, Renaldo and Lymari Sánchez, Byron López, Leo and Jordanna Espinosa, Edison and Claudia Echeverry, Juan and Ana Cruz, Jessica Azimi, and Luisa Lopez-Sanchez.

At present, California and Florida are competing to see which state can bring the most attendees to the event.

4Life has offices in 25 markets to serve a global network of independent distributors and their customers.

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