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The Journey Of a 4Life Product

The Journey Of a 4Life Product

Have you ever wondered about the journey 4Life products have before they get into your hands? At 4Life, we are always examining and perfecting this important voyage, especially as it pertains to the quality of our products. With that in mind, I want to give you a brief glimpse into the journey of our products as they are shipped around the world.

I am fascinated by the vast number of merchant ships traveling our globe every day. The stunning visualization below demonstrates how busy our oceans are. In fact, you can monitor in real-time the position of every merchant ship currently traveling around the globe, including through oceans and riverways

Narrowing our focus to just 4Life products, I can tell you that we use dozens of transit routes to get products into your hands. How do we ensure the products you receive are every bit as good as when they left our store? We utilize product stability testing and temperature-monitoring on product shipments to verify that products are handled with the utmost care.

Stability testing allows us to determine whether a product will still meet label claims under potentially extreme conditions, which represent many of the different climates we encounter around the world. By collecting the temperature data during each shipment, we can determine the minimum, maximum, and average temperatures the products are exposed to and how long they are exposed to those temperatures.

All these testing protocols and initiatives help us prove that the products are every bit as good as the time they were manufactured, tested, and released. Most important, we can demonstrate that 4Life products are among the highest quality products on the market today!