4Life Indonesia Autumn Events 11/13/2017

4Life Indonesia Autumn Events 4Life Indonesia recently held two events: Diamond Camp 13 for Diamond and Presidential Diamond distributors and the Bandung Sport Fest.

The Diamond 13 event was held at the Aston Sentul Lake Resort and Conference Center in Sentul, West Java and spanned three days. It focused on reenergizing distributors’ excitement and knowledge about 4Life. Distributors learned from multiple speakers and activities and took part in a competition designed to teach different leadership skills.

Indonesia Senior Manager Ramdony Alamsyah: “During Diamond Camp 13, I could feel the attendees’ spirit and passion soar. I hope they can implement all of the things they learned and utilize their improved teamwork skills to build their 4Life businesses and reach higher ranks.”

Distributor leaders in attendance included Gold International Diamond Christin and Agus Soemarsono. 4Life employees in attendance also included 4Life Research Southeast Asia Regional Director for Business and Field Development Hamid Mariano.

The next week, 4Life Indonesia sponsored the Bandung Sport Fest as part of the IDEAL by 4LifeTransform® program. This event was held in the Click Square shopping mall in Bandung, Jawa Barat, and featured multiple competitions. Winners received a supply of PRO-TF® and NutraStart®.

4Life Indonesia Assistant Marketing Manager Siska Tamba: “4Life Indonesia’s participation in this event was part of an effort to present our image as a network marketing company that is fresh, youthful, energetic, fun, and attractive.”

4Life has 24 offices around the world to serve a global network of independent distributors and their customers.

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