4Life Essential Oils TForce Featured in Publication 5/9/2018
4Life<sup>&trade;</sup> Essential Oils TForce<sup>&trade;</sup> Featured in Publication
Salt Lake City, Utah (May 9, 2018) Recently, Biochimie Open published a research article on 4Life Essential Oils TForce, co-authored by Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Dr. Paula Brock. TForce is one of the new 4Life Essential Oils that was launched during 4Life20 Convention: Do Life Differently®.

The article compares TForce’s purifying power to common synthetic fragrances—air fresheners, body sprays, and perfumes—that are available in the marketplace. Most fragrances merely add a scent to the environment or the skin. On the other hand, many natural essentials oils offer not only magnificent scents, but also have the potential to purify the environment.

Brock: “We worked with an independent laboratory to investigate the purifying effects of TForce against common environmental impurities. Their results showed that TForce offers significant purifying properties, similar or greater than popular synthetic cosmetics. Furthermore, the study revealed that blending the four individual essential oils in TForce provided a wider purifying benefit than observed by its individual single oils.”

Chief Scientific Officer David Vollmer: “The research on TForce was so compelling that it was immediately accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed journal Biochemie Open. This article is open-access so it allows all essential oil researchers, as well as 4Life distributors or customers, to examine the incredibly potent purifying properties of TForce.”

Read the article on Biochimie Open.

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