How to Be a Hero This Mother’s Day 5/10/2018
How to Be a Hero This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the love that women all around the world provide. To honor the women in your life, why give the common gifts of chocolates and flowers when you can give them gifts that truly show how much you care? RiteStart® Women and Pre/o Biotics uniquely symbolize the gift of well-being.*

4Life RiteStart Women and Pre/o Biotics

RiteStart Women was recently updated to include vitamin K2, more vitamin D, and more bioavailable forms of select B vitamins. These enhancements were driven by the emerging role of these essential nutrients in women’s health. In fact, we investigated their impact in the female population during the 12-week 4Life-sponsored RESPOND study and found improvements of 43% and 57% in vitamin D and folate, respectively.*1

RiteStart Personal Nutritional Dietary Study

Pre/o Biotics launched at 4Life20 Convention and was developed with women’s health in mind. Two of the prebiotics in Pre/o Biotics were investigated in pregnant women and were shown to significantly increase maternal fecal bifidobacterium counts.*2

In another study, one of the probiotics in Pre/o Biotics was given prenatally to mothers and shown to decrease proteobacteria (pathogenic bacteria) in the mother, as well as shift the infant microbiota (gut flora) toward a higher proportion of bacteroidetes (healthy placental bacteria).*3

So, show the women in your life how much you care by giving them two of 4Life’s best products for women’s health!*

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