New Chief Global Supply Chain Officer

New Chief Global Supply Chain Officer
Salt Lake City, Utah (January 6, 2022) 4Life President and CEO Danny Lee recently appointed Nate Buhler to serve as 4Life Chief Global Supply Chain Officer.

Buhler began at 4Life in January 2011 as Director of Manufacturing. In December 2014, the company broke ground on a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Vineyard, Utah. Following Buhler’s integral role in that operation’s construction and readiness, he advanced to the position of Vice President of Manufacturing. During that time, he managed approximately 70 employees. In 2018, 4Life executives appointed Buhler to serve as Senior Vice President of Operations.

President and CEO Danny Lee: “Quality manufacturing is integral to 4Life’s product offering. Nate’s ongoing performance gives me great confidence. Our NSF-registered, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are in good hands with Nate and his team.”

As Chief Global Supply Chain Officer, Buhler will continue to oversee 4Life manufacturing, quality and compliance, planning and procurement, and distribution and fulfillment.

Prior to joining 4Life, Buhler was recruited by Nestlé USA, the world’s largest food and beverage company, where he worked in the areas of safety, production, manufacturing, and general operations at two of the company’s largest plants.

Buhler holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications and Business Management from Southern Utah University.

4Life, the Immune System Company, and the first to bring 4Life Transfer Factor® research to market, has offices in 25 markets to serve the company’s worldwide customers.

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