New Collagen Product

New Collagen Product
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Salt Lake City, UT (September 22, 2021) The latest product development and launch at 4Life is 4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen Type I—a flavorless formula that comes in stick packs.

The human body makes many different types of collagen. Type I collagen is the most abundant type in the body, and it serves several important functions. 4Life Research’s existing collagen product, 4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen, contains five different types of collagen and has a strawberry-mango flavor. 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen Type I provides a singular collagen type, and it’s flavorless for versatility of consumption.

Vice President of Marketing, Kelly Bellerose: “I put our new collagen product in my hot beverage, morning smoothie, and even my oatmeal. You can add this powder to pretty much anything. It’s never been so easy to get your daily dose of collagen.”

4Life, the Immune System Company, and the first to bring transfer factor research to market, has offices in 25 markets to serve the company’s worldwide customers.

For more information:
Calvin Jolley
Vice President Corporate Communications
4Life Research
[email protected]