New Health Sciences Advisory Board Member 10/11/2018
New Health Sciences Advisory Board Member
Salt Lake City, Utah (October 11, 2018) Today, 4Life announced the newest member of the Health Sciences Advisory Board (HSAB), Dr. Elena Enioutina.

Dr. Enioutina joins the HSAB with a degree in preventative medicine and epidemiology from the Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, and a doctorate degree in pharmacology and toxicology from the All-Union Institute of Medical Plants in Moscow.

Dr. Elena Enioutina: “As a trained pharmacologist, I have very high standards when it comes to herbal products. 4Life products are balanced and scientifically substantiated. I’m proud to be the latest member of the Health Sciences Advisory Board.”

Dr. Enioutina has published a series of articles describing the use and regulation of herbal products. Over the last two decades, she has also investigated the molecular mechanisms of immune responses following vaccination.

At present, Dr. Enioutina is a faculty member of the University of Utah Division of Pediatric Clinical Pharmacology. She devotes her free time to education, translation, and ongoing research.

Chief Scientific Officer Dr. David Vollmer: “I am thrilled to have Dr. Enioutina on our HSAB. Her well-credentialed research as an MD/PhD Immunologist fits perfectly into 4Life’s mission to develop state-of-the-art products that are well-grounded in science and provide meaningful benefits to our customers.”

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