New Team 4Life Member

New Team 4Life Member
Salt Lake City, Utah (March 12, 2020) Today, 4Life executives named Tatiana Pérez as the newest Team 4Life member. Pérez is a professional race car driver from Bogota, Colombia.

In 2017, Gustavo Sánchez introduced Pérez to 4Life. Since then, Energy Go Stix® and Pro-TF® have been her products of choice.

Pérez: “I race on the weekends. My days are long, and my energy requirements are high. Racing requires physical stamina, mental concentration, and a positive attitude.”

Pérez has been an avid athlete since childhood. She played football (soccer) on a collegiate level while working on her degree in veterinary medicine. She then discovered her passion for motor racing (through her brothers) and became a professional in 2017.

In 2018, she took the podium seven times and won the TC2000 Colombia Class B Championship, becoming the second female race driver in history to win a championship in this category, and the first driver worldwide to win a championship with a JAC brand car.

This year, Tatiana and her team will compete in the Class A category with an upgraded engine in their race car.

Pérez: “4Life products will become increasingly important in my training as competition becomes more challenging. My goal is to win the 2020 Class A TC2000 championship.”

Prior to being introduced to 4Life products, Pérez tried a variety of different energy drinks and nutritional supplements. “I just never felt comfortable,” she admits. “But then I began taking Pro-TF. I love the product because it’s filling but doesn’t weigh me down. I take it while training and on competition days.”

4Life Colombia General Manager Nao Lau: “4Life products have a standard of scientific excellence that attracts athletes with world class standards. It’s an honor to welcome Tatiana to Team 4Life.”

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