Team 4Life Member Dominates Professional Fight 3/27/2018
Team 4Life Member Dominates Professional Fight
Salt Lake City, Utah (March 27, 2018) Team 4Life member and MMA fighter Pearl Gonzalez won her tenth professional fight in a UFC Invicta event. The decision was unanimous from the judges. Pearl is now 7–3 as a professional fighter.

Pearl defeated her opponent, Kali Robbins, 30–27, 30–26, and 30–27 in the three round contest. Prior to this fight, Robbins was undefeated and boasted five professional wins.

President and CEO Danny Lee: “Pearl is an inspiration to us. She shows us that perseverance, hard work, and determination pay off. We couldn’t be more excited for her. Distributors around the world should be proud of the products that this athlete represents.”

Since 2012, the Invicta Fighting Championships is the largest, all-women’s mixed martial arts organization. Invicta is known for developing some of the sport’s top fighters in the UFC.

4Life has 24 offices around the world to serve a global network of independent distributors and their customers.

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