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Puerto Rico, US

Dr. Herminio Nevárez

4Life® came to my life on April 9, 2000. These 18 years have made an impression forever in my life and the lives of thousands of people. It has been an enriching experience. I am no longer the same person. I found a place where I can liberate my potential and develop my capacities and abilities to the highest possible degree. Today, my ways of thinking and expression are completely different. This has transformed me into a different person.

The feeling of fulfillment and the ability to contribute to the lives of others is a fascinating experience. Sometimes we think that to make a difference in this world, we have to be very special people. We overlook that every human being is empowered to do great things. We are God’s masterpiece and when we understand this great truth, we can make this world a better place. This truth will open many doors and the path to dreams becomes clear. When we know where we are headed, the whole world stands aside and opens the way to make the difference in our lives. If you remain comfortable, nothing happens. You must do something about it so that things happen.

The best way to predict your future is to create it. You must be willing to invest in your life. If you believe in your dreams, you must be willing to invest in them. There is always a price to pay to reach results. The cost is energy, time, discipline, and determination. Once you start, never give up. Persevere until you see your dreams come true.

4Life is entering its third decade and we can all be part of a great socioeconomic movement which will transform history for millions of people. This is just the beginning. We have yet to reach our destiny.