Natural Immune Systems Labs: New Clinical Study

Natural Immune Systems Labs: New Clinical Study
Salt Lake City, UT (October 28, 2022) In early 2022, 4Life’s Research and Development team collaborated with Natural Immune System (NIS) Labs to conduct a clinical study of 4Life Transfer Factor®. The results show that 600 milligrams of the company’s proprietary transfer factor formula activates the immune system within as little as two hours.

NIS is a world-renowned, full-service clinical research laboratory that specializes in the identification of specific immune system benefits of natural products. In the study, NIS followed the gold standard for human clinicals: a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blinded, cross-over study.

Chief Scientific Officer Dr. David Vollmer: “The results were remarkable. Six hundred milligrams of 4Life Transfer Factor is now clinically proven to activate the immune system within two hours. We’ve been studying the relationship between transfer factor and immune system response for decades. This is the first research to ever quantify an activation period.”

With more than 20 years of research experience, NIS has developed a solid reputation for sound science. This particular study of 4Life Transfer Factor was designed to produce results driven by actual scientific effect and not random chance. The study was conducted by Dr. Gitte Jensen, Founder and Director of Research at NIS Labs.

Jensen: “In our study, 4Life Transfer Factor was found to start immune communication very rapidly.”

4Life, the Immune System Company®, and the first to bring transfer factor research to market, has offices in dozens of countries to serve the company’s worldwide customers.

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