Peer-Reviewed Clinical Study Publication

Peer-Reviewed Clinical Study Publication
Salt Lake City, UT (November 16, 2022) 4Life published the first-ever peer-reviewed clinical study of Gold Factor on joint mobility in the Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology.

Vice President of Product Development Dr. Lawry Han: “To the best of our knowledge, this marks the first clinical study evaluating the effect of a micro-dosage oral intake of any gold particles on joint function and mobility. The results provided direct clinical data supporting the benefits of Gold Factor.”

The Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology is a reputable journal that reports on the practices and research about the musculoskeletal system.

Han: “This kind of clinical validation and third-party publication distinguishes 4Life from other supplement manufacturers.”

The three-phase study, which analyzed the benefits of Gold Factor for average and athletic consumers, included 51 participants, 24 male and 27 female. Physician researchers collected objective measurements, conducted physical therapy assessments, and reviewed clinical surveys obtained from each participant. Seventy percent of participants said they intended to continue taking Gold Factor after the study.

Orthopedic Surgeon and Founder of the U.S. Center for Sports Medicine Richard C. Lehman, M.D. was the lead investigator for this clinical study. Lehman: “There is no other product on the market quite like Gold Factor. It is truly powerful and effective.”

Read the white paper 4Life published about the study here.

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