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Join the Academy!

Join the Academy!

School is now in session! One of your favorite 4Life learning tools is getting some new features! It’s the 4Life University you know and love, but better!

New name, new location! 4Life University becomes 4Life Academy!

How’s it different? Well, for starters, 4Life Academy will be part of the 4Life Connect app, so you can access videos, 4Life Academy courses, PDFs, trainings, and customer service support all from the 4Life Connect app! Access all your 4Life learning materials from ONE powerful app!

Earn as you learn!

4Life Academy has courses on different 4Life products and the compensation plan. With so much to learn, have you ever wondered how to keep track of the courses you’ve completed? With 4Life Academy, you earn a badge for each course you complete! Keep track of your progress and remember all the great courses you’ve completed.

Plus, team leaders are notified when members of their downline complete courses, so they can keep track of their team’s progress and learning. Use 4Life Academy to learn about 4Life products and the business opportunity, grow your business, and unite your 4Life team!

But wait, there’s more!

If all those cool benefits weren’t enough, we’re also adding some new courses! First up is a course that takes a deep-dive into the immune-boosting benefits of our core products. Next, a course on a product so new we can’t even tell you what it is, yet. Let’s just say you won’t want to miss the new courses coming to 4Life Academy!

Download or update the "4Life Connect" app and start learning!