Parubchenko Brothers Join Team 4Life 3/9/2018
Parubchenko Brothers Join Team 4Life
Salt Lake City, Utah (March 7, 2018) 4Life announced two new Team 4Life members, combat sambo world champions and twin brothers Dmitry and Vladislav Parubchenko from Kiev, Ukraine.

Combat sambo is a Soviet-era martial arts that originated in the 1920s and is now practiced around the world, with athletes from Eurasia dominating the sport. The acronym stands for a Russian phrase, which literally translates to “self-defense without weapons.”

As reported in the Grand European Fighting Championship Official News, Dmitry and Vladislav fight in different weight categories so that they don’t compete against one another.

Dmitry is a Combat Sambo World Champion, winner of the European Combat Sambo Cup, and Champion of Ukraine. He sits firmly among the top ten fighters in more than 500 European Pro Lightweights. Vladislav is a Ukrainian, European, and world champion in combat sambo. He holds the European and Ukrainian Combat Sambo Cups and a World Grand Prix title in mixed martial arts from Japan.

A recent article in PROFC Ukraine (Professional Fighting Championship) characterizes the brothers as sharing “great talent, an unconquerable will to win, and incredible diligence.”

In pursuit of their athletic goals, Dmitry and Vladislav enjoy taking PRO-TF®, Energy Go Stix®, and Renuvo® as part of their wellness, training, and competitive regimens.

“My brother and I compete to win,” says Dmitry. “It’s great to have 4Life in our corners.”

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