New Senior Vice President of Software Development

New Senior Vice President of Software Development
Salt Lake City, UT (March 15, 2022) 4Life executives recently promoted Dustin Rose to the rank of Senior Vice President of Software Development. Rose has been writing code for more than twenty-five years. He joined 4Life in 2007 as a Senior Software Architect.

Rose’s first computer gave him a passion for technology sciences. He began teaching himself how to code when he was twelve, and he knew then that he wanted to code professionally.

As the company’s Senior Vice President of Software Development, Rose will continue managing 4Life’s software development team: a group of nearly two dozen professionals including designers; data and reporting specialists; Quality Assurance; DevOps; backend architecture; and front-end desktop, web, and mobile specialists.

Over the years, Rose has built the core code infrastructure that serves as the foundation for all 4Life desktop, web, and mobile apps.

4Life President and CEO Danny Lee: “In addition to being a coding wizard, Dustin is great with people. His leadership and expertise positively impact our digital and tangible world. His skills combine a keen sense for organization and execution. He leads a wildly talented team of 4Lifers who are passionate about our brand and how technology can further enhance the customer experience.”

Rose holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in computer information systems. In his free time, he enjoys “chilling” with his family, hiking, listening to music, reading, watching baseball and UFC, playing video games, and working outside.

Rose: “My happy place is being alone on top of a mountain with nothing but my water bottle and trekking poles.”

4Life, the Immune System Company, and the first to bring transfer factor research to market, has offices in 25 markets to serve the company’s worldwide customers.
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