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Dr. Eduard Hutabarat & Katharina Sihombing

To know how we live our life differently with 4Life®, you need to know how we used to live our lives before we learned about this amazing company. Rina was a career woman whose demanding lifestyle had led to poor health. A year into our marriage, we decided that Rina should stay at home in the hope of better supporting her health. We lost one source of income and Rina was often still sick.
The only thing that kept us afloat at that time was me working more hours. I worked up to 140 hours a week as a doctor in two clinics, but it didn’t change our financial situation. Instead, we drifted further away from a lot of dreams and loved ones.
I spent my days and nights praying for God to show us the way to greater financial success, the way to support my wife’s health, and the way to surround ourselves with activities and people we love the most! And God spoke through my cousin, Ronald Lubis, who introduced us to 4Life.
We have lived our lives very differently since then. We have traveled the world and enjoyed residual income.* But the thing we are most grateful for is that Rina and our parents enjoy the best health support.** We never imagined that we could change the lives of others through 4Life. They trust us to work with them for their future, which is not a common thing. 4Life is different.
*Less than 1% of 4Life distributors qualify for incentive trips.
**This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.