How 4Life is Paving the Way for Women's Health in Different Stages of Life

How 4Life is Paving the Way for Women's Health in Different Stages of Life
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Written by: Teresa Tomalska, from the Health Sciences Advisory Board

Women's challenges in prioritizing health

Modern life requires a lot from a woman: to prove herself as a partner, wife, mother, or mother-to-be. Most women have goals to be successful, attractive, and youthful-looking, to name just a few. Every woman tries to meet expectations and overcome challenges. But over time, a woman may feel like she is deviating more and more from the ideal model she has imposed on herself. Theoretically, she knows what physical and emotional challenges to expect at any stage of life, but, quite often, the number of these issues can grow rapidly, mainly due to prolonged neglect of important factors that contribute to a woman’s well-being.

How lifestyle factors can affect nutritional intake

The best way to achieve optimal health comes from a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle with a proper amount of movement and exercise, sleep, and stress reduction. But this is not always easy to accomplish. Women may not be getting sufficient nutrients from foods due to their diet or lifestyle. For those reasons, they may choose to take supplements to support their health.

In addition, many women try to control their weight using a variety of popular approaches. Intermittent fasting is one of these approaches. When intermittent fasting, women give themselves a smaller window of time for meals. Some participants who fast decide to eat only one meal a day, and it’s hard to imagine all the necessary nutrients getting introduced into the body during that small window of time.

Choosing the right supplement

Choosing the right supplements depends on age, family predispositions, and, more than anything else, lifestyle.

While researching women’s supplements, the following might show up:

  • Vitamin D for immune system support, bones, skin, etc.
  • Magnesium for emotions, heart health
  • Calcium for bones
  • Vitamin B complex for metabolism and energy
  • Biotin for nails and hair health

While these are good nutrients to have in your diet, your complex body needs many more nutrients to function at an optimal level.

For example, many women struggle with responding to frequent stressful situations.

The list of ingredients recommended for daily use for people prone to lower mood includes a long list of vitamins and minerals with particular emphasis on vitamins A, D, E, C, B complex, folic acid, choline, inositol, boron, calcium, chromium, iodine, magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. That’s a lot of nutrients!

Fortunately, the search for the perfect combination of the most important basic nutrients is over. 4Life® scientists formulated a great product—RiteStart® Women.*

Why choose Ritestart Women?

By using RiteStart® Women*, women receive the immune system benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula, plus many other nutrients crucial for general wellness support. RiteStart includes important minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and other ingredients. This all-in-one product provides everyday support for cardiovascular function, healthy energy levels, healthy vision, healthy cellular aging, skin health, and much more.*

RiteStart Women is a core product for women’s health, but depending on your particular case, you can add additional supplements into your routine.

Examples of how 4Life supplements can benefit women of different ages:

Olivia, age 25

Olivia is overburdened with balancing work, friends and a healthy lifestyle. She finds herself skipping multiple workouts a week which affects her energy, stress levels, and body image. She increasingly feels stressed and exhausted skipping activities with her friends, especially around her monthly cycle.

What could be beneficial for Olivia?

  • RiteStart Women for overall health and possibly balancing the levels of important nutrients.*
  • Pro-TF®, a university-tested, high-performance whey and egg protein to help support her physical activity, vital lean muscle, and healthy lifestyle goals. 4Life Transfer Factor in Pro-TF is also clinically proven to activate the immune system within two hours.*1
  • Energy Go Stix® to sustain energy and alertness during the day and promote a healthy metabolism.*
  • BioGenistein Ultra® to promote healthy hormone levels and support a positive mood.*

Sophia, age 50

Sophia is going through many changes in her life including the first stages of menopause, increased stress and reduced energy, all putting additional challenges on her physical and mental health.

Suggested supplements:

Charlotte, age 64

Charlotte has a healthy, active lifestyle. She loves to ride her bike and walk on the beach, read and cook delicious meals for friends and family! Recently she has noticed discomfort in her knees and is concerned with her cognitive health and eye sight as she ages.

She wonders if RiteStart Women is enough to help her with all her concerns.

The answer for Charlotte:

Three women with three different lifestyles all started with one core product: RiteStart Women. They could then get extra support with targeted 4Life products, which are created to support specific body systems.*

Explore more products on the 4Life website, and don’t hesitate to change your own supplementation to improve your experience on your journey to better health and satisfaction.* Each of the examples above have specific health concerns, which necessitate different product recommendations. To find the right women's products for you, go to the 4Life Health Assessment.

Thanks to 4Life’s focus on science-backed products, we, as women, can help ourselves maintain energy and stamina in conducting business and living everyday life. We can also help other women feel healthy, successful, and happy. Lifting each other up is empowering on so many levels.

If we pave the way correctly, we may hear another woman say:

“Women like you pave the way for women like me,
and for that I am grateful."

The most important message to take away from this article is for women to not neglect their basic needs.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1Clinical study on the rapid immune modulating effects of 600 mg of 4Life Transfer Factor Blend compared to placebo. G. Jensen, NIS Labs Report 058-006.*