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What Happened When I Used the Digest4Life® Reset System

What Happened When I Used the Digest4Life® Reset System

Part 1: Cleanse

Day after day, week after week, your body takes in pollutants, impurities, and thousands of pounds of food. (Really!) Most of the time, your body is very efficient at removing harmful contaminants, but over time, even it needs a reset. When 4Life asked for employee volunteers to take the Digest4Life Reset System, I was intrigued. How would my body react?

I have a very active lifestyle. I go to the gym about four to five days a week, eat relatively healthy foods, and drink about 7 cups of water a day. So, I didn’t really need a cleanse, right? Wrong!

What I didn’t realize at the time was that my immune system and digestive system are very closely connected. In fact, many immune cells reside in the gut microbiome, where digestion takes place. Gut health impacts many different areas of overall wellness, including immune system health, weight, cognition, mood, and more.

Here are the products I took during the first 11 days of the Digest4Life Reset System:

Fibre System Plus — A cleansing program that supports healthy digestive function and regularity with a combination of vitamins, minerals, and herbs*

Fibre System Plus helps improve nutrient absorption from food and supplements. Therefore, I knew that my supplements and healthy diet would have a more positive impact on my body. I also enjoyed the portability of the packets. They were easy to pack in my purse. When I started my cleanse, I fully expected it to completely disrupt my day; however, it was extremely gentle and not disruptive at all.*

Digestive Enzymes — A proprietary blend of 16 different enzymes that supports digestive health by aiding in the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and the absorption of nutrients*

Digestive Enzymes was my favorite product because it helped support my digestion before eating. Often, I feel very uncomfortable after eating. Digestive Enzymes helped break down my food so it could move smoothly through my intestinal tract.*

This cleanse was gentle, and I really liked that. It allowed me to continue doing the activities I do on a regular basis. My diet and workout routine stayed the same.

I think this is an easy cleanse that helps get your gut on track in a way that doesn’t disrupt your everyday life.*