From Concept to Capsule: An interview with Chief Scientific Officer David Vollmer, PhD

From Concept to Capsule: An interview with Chief Scientific Officer David Vollmer, PhD
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Every year, 4Life works to concept, develop, test, and manufacture new products. This process is an important and dynamic part of the 4Life culture, as we strive to provide new and exciting products for our growing 4Life family.

Have you ever wondered about this process? We sat down with Chief Scientific Officer Dr. David Vollmer to learn more about how 4Life products come to life!

Q. What role does science play at 4Life?

A. Science is at the core of everything we do. It was central to David Lisonbee’s vision as he embarked on the journey to support immune system health through 4Life Transfer Factor Science.*

Q. Why does 4Life always develop new products?

A. New products are vital to be an innovative company. Whether it’s through new ingredients or cutting- edge research, the landscape of our industry and its surrounding technologies are always changing.

Q. Who comes up with new product ideas?

A. Everyone! That’s one of the amazing things about 4Life. We retrieve product ideas from internal research, scientific collaborations with Health Sciences Advisory Board members or university research partners, and even through distributors and employees.

Q. How do you research and test new products?

A. Generally, our initial formulations come from a comprehensive review of current ingredient research. This involves reading hundreds of scientific articles and engaging in discussions with external researchers.

Once we have selected a formula, we employ numerous rounds of testing (i.e., identity, strength, purity, and composition) to ensure we have the highest quality materials. By the time a new 4Life product is launched, it has undergone hundreds, if not thousands, of tests and validations!

Q. Would you tell us more about the manufacturing process?

A: Our equipment, procedures, and capabilities are of the highest standards. We manufacture up to 40 million capsules in one month! And we have the capacity to go even higher as 4Life expands in more global markets.

Q. Can you tell us about any new and exciting developments?

A. I’m not at liberty to divulge top-secret information like that! I can say that right now, we are developing innovative products and validating research that will carry 4Life and its customers forward for the next ten years and beyond!