ReCall Launches in Indonesia

ReCall Launches in Indonesia
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Salt Lake City, Utah (September 4, 2020) 4Life Indonesia began September with the virtual launch of 4Life Transfer Factor ReCall.

The launch took place via Zoom and Facebook Live and was filmed in the Cyber 2 Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Attendees from 4Life headquarters included Vice President of Sales & Field Development Steve Apple; Vice President of Research and Development Brent Vaughan, PhD, RD; and Senior Director of Southeast Asia Trevor Luke. 4Life employees from 4Life Indonesia included General Manager of 4Life Indonesia Hendrik Pelafu and Product Registration and Regulatory Manager Dr. Ella Noorela.

More than 375 people joined the virtual launch. There was an ice breaker game, a trivia quiz, product trainings from Dr. Vaughan and Dr. Ella Noorela, and a selfie contest with prizes for 4Life Indonesia customers. There were also remarks from Steve Apple, Trevor Luke, and Hendrik Pelafu.

Pelafu: “The long-awaited product has finally arrived…now 4Life Indonesia customers can add 4Life Transfer Factor ReCall to their list of favorite 4Life products!”

4Life, a long-time corporate contributor to the community, is committed to the safety and wellness of its worldwide customers and employees. The company sells 4Life Transfer Factor® products in 25 countries.

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