Gold FactorTM

A Cellular Activator for Longevity*^, Vitality*^, Memory*^, and Mobility*†

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Supercharge your cells with Gold Factor! This extensively researched activation molecule increases available energy in every cell of your body to enhance cellular vitality.*

Independent laboratory studies have shown that Gold Factor increases telomerase (a biomarker of healthy cellular aging) compared to no treatment, making it as effective or more effective than the leading anti-aging, cellular vitality, or gold colloidal supplements currently on the market!*

Gold Factor and Transfer Factor: Two pillars of 4Life scientific innovation

Just like 4Life Transfer Factor, Gold Factor is a unique molecule. But whereas 4Life Transfer Factor is an education molecule for your immune system cells, Gold Factor is an activation molecule that energizes and supports youthfulness in every cell of your body. They complement each other, and both help you truly thrive in today’s world.*

Experience the Gold Factor difference!

Promotes longevity by protecting DNA strands*

Supports mental acuity and memory while sharpening cognitive focus*

Increases cellular energy and vitality*

Supports joint comfort*

Uniquely developed and exclusively licensed, Gold Factor is a delicate suspension of intricately shaped ultra-fine gold particles in ultra-pure water.

Your cells rely on you

More than 37 trillion cells work together to carry out your body’s functions every day. These tiny powerhouses make you who you are. You rely on them, and, perhaps more importantly, they rely on you. As you age, your cells lose their integrity, vitality, and efficiency. It’s a fact that you only feel as energetic and youthful as your cells function.

Gold Factor is an activator for cells, providing a burst of power when and where it's needed to help cells function more optimally while expending less effort. Gold Factor ultimately elevates the youth, vigor, and quality of your cells.*

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Gold Factor is uniquely developed, exclusively licensed, and backed by science.

Gold Factor is safe to consume

Gold Factor is made using gold and ultra-pure water. This results in a safe and efficacious product that contains intricately shaped gold particles with large, very pure non-contaminated surfaces and controlled shapes and sizes. Pre-clinical safety testing demonstrated that Gold Factor had no established adverse effect at any dosage level.

Other gold products on the market are made using chemical synthesis that leaves residual contaminants on the gold particle surfaces, resulting in potentially toxic products with unpredictable shapes and sizes.


Delicately suspended gold particles refract light, turning the solution to an elegant shade of rose gold.


Gold Factor particles are purer than 24k gold.


Every drop contains billions of gold particles that activate the trillions of cells in your body—a true powerhouse of cellular support!*

Gold Factor contains:

Gold (6 ppm) 180 mcg

The Science of Gold Factor
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