4LifeTransform Challenge Winners Announcement

4LifeTransform Challenge Winners Announcement
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Our Summer 4LifeTransform Challenge is over, and it's been a blast! This challenge was about pushing our bodies to the limit by incorporating daily fitness into our routines, upping our nutrition and eating habits, and reaching our body composition goals, all while using 4Life products centered on helping our bodies perform better with strong immune system and fitness support.*

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Challenge Recap

This challenge lasted three months (June 1–September 15, 2023), and more than 200 participants completed the Challenge. Here’s what some of our judges said about the incredible stories from our 4LifeTransform Challenge participants.

“Each and every challenger did such an amazing job in their transformation journey. This was truly a difficult job to judge this group. We watched so many people transform not only their bodies, but also their mindsets toward health, wellness, and fitness!”

"I was AMAZED to see how many people transformed their bodies during the three-month period of the 4LifeTransform Challenge. I got the opportunity to read the participants’ comments. So many people are grateful they took on this Challenge and for how 4Life products helped them achieve their goals!*

4LifeTransform Challenge Packs

The 4LifeTransform Challenge included amazing 4Life products to support the immune system and help optimize fitness! In June, challenge participants had the option of purchasing one of two different fitness packs, and in July and August, participants were able to choose any 4LifeTransform pack.*

Option 1: 4LifeTransform Lean and Fit* Pack for Women or 4LifeTransform Shred* Pack for Men

Includes: 1 Pro-TF® Vanilla or Pro-TF® Chocolate, 1 4LifeTransform Burn®, 1 4LifeTransform® Man (Shred Pack), 2 4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen (Lean and Fit pack), 1 4Life Transfer Factor® PreZoom®, and 1 4Life Transfer Factor® Renuvo

Option 2: Digest4Life® Reset System

Includes: 2 Pre/o Biotics®, 1 Fibre System Plus, 1 Super Detox®, 1 Digestive Enzymes, 1 Aloe Vera Stix, 1 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula, and a Reset System Guidebook

July and August
Participants could choose any 4LifeTransform Pack, which contains products for healthy energy, pre-workout support, protein, macronutrient support, digestive support, immune support, post-workout recovery support, and more! These include:

Click the links above to read more about each individual product in the packs!

4LifeTransform Challenge Winners

Now that the challenge is over, we are excited to announce the 4LifeTransform Challenge winners! Among the pool of over 200 finishers, there were six elite individuals who rose to the top. All participants submitted beginning and ending images that fully revealed or demonstrated their successful body transformations.

Male winners:

1st Place: Hipólito Cotto
Prize: $5,000

2nd Place: Andres De Mendoza
Prize: $2,500

3rd Place: Erick Perez
Prize: $1,000

Female winners:

1st Place: Fior Del Rosario
Prize: $5,000

2nd Place: Angela Bertone
Prize: $2,500

3rd Place: Teresa Alvarado
Prize: $1,000

Thank you to all our 4LifeTransform Challenge participants! We are so impressed with your hard work and dedication to this challenge, and we hope you made some healthy lifestyle changes along the way. Keep going and embrace your journey because true body transformation is a way of life! Click the button below to learn more about our 4LifeTransform Packs.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Products support fitness and weight management in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.