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Share your favorite products with your MyShop link to share your wholesale discount with friends and family.

On your MyShop site, your friends and family can purchase their favorite products, and we’ll fulfill and ship their orders.

Earn MyShop Rewards with purchases on your site. MyShop Rewards = savings on future product orders.***

What Is MyShop?
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Sharing is caring, and oh so worth it!

You shared your discount and now it’s your turn to reap the Rewards. With MyShop, you earn savings of 25% on every Life Point (LP) that moves through your site. Rewards are automatically applied at checkout on your next 4Life order and can be used to pay up to 50% off the wholesale product price.***

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Example: You have $80 in MyShop Rewards. The wholesale total of your order is $100. You can use $50 of your MyShop Rewards toward that order (50% of $100 is $50), leaving you with $30 in MyShop Rewards to be applied toward future orders.

MyShop Rewards in action

Sharing never felt so rewarding. Forget entering a discount code at checkout; we make savings seamless. With MyShop, your Rewards are saved and applied for you. Plus, there is no max amount of Rewards you can earn, and they never expire.

Custom carts

Have a few product suggestions in mind? We make sharing easy! Create a custom shopping cart with product recommendations and share it with your friends and family. All that's left for them to do is checkout! (This feature is only available in the 4Life app.)

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  • How are MyShop Rewards for Preferred Customers applied?
    MyShop Rewards are added to your account the day after a purchase on your MyShop site occurs and are automatically applied at checkout on your next 4Life order. Preferred Customers can redeem MyShop Rewards of up to 50% of the wholesale price (before any Instant Discount is applied) of the order.

    Example: I have $75 in MyShop Rewards. The wholesale total of my order is $100. I can use $50 of my $75 MyShop Rewards toward that order (50% of $100 is $50).
  • Can MyShop Rewards be used on Loyalty Program orders?
    Yes. Your MyShop Rewards will automatically be applied to any order—including your Loyalty Program order.
  • Can I transfer or share MyShop Rewards with another person?
    No. MyShop Rewards are non-transferrable.
  • Do MyShop Rewards expire?
    No. MyShop Rewards never expire or decrease in value as long as the Preferred Customer has an active account.
  • Is there a maximum amount of MyShop Rewards I can earn?
    No. There is no maximum limit on MyShop Rewards.
  • Can people access free shipping on my MyShop site?
    Yes. Orders of $100 or more are eligible for free shipping.**
  • What happens if I share my discount with someone and they sign up as a Preferred Customer?
    If someone uses your MyShop site and signs up as a Preferred Customer, you’re automatically converted to Associate (Affiliate) status. If you do not want to become an Associate, you can “turn off” signups from your MyShop site.
  • If I have a 4Life sponsor (an Associate who enrolled me as a Preferred Customer), can new Preferred Customer signups be deferred up to my sponsor?
    Yes. To do this, go into your MyShop settings and change the enroller and sponsor ID to your upline's number. This will allow you to maintain your MyShop Rewards in the form of savings.
  • What happens to my existing (Preferred Customer) MyShop Rewards when I become an Associate?
    Your (Preferred Customer) MyShop Rewards will remain as MyShop Rewards even after you become an Associate. Those MyShop Rewards will still automatically be applied to your future orders as a discount until they have all been used. Once an Associate, you will no longer earn Preferred Customer MyShop Rewards; rather, you will earn the 25% MyShop Commission on all MyShop orders.***
  • Do I earn a Rapid Reward when I sign someone up and become an Associate?
    Yes. With Rapid Rewards, you earn a 25% commission on all LP orders your personally enrolled Preferred Customers place in their first three months.
**For more information about our shipping rates, please see the Price List.
** Must meet the 100 PV requirement in the current month to be eligible for MyShop Rewards.