We Are The Immune System Company®

In 1998, Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee embarked on a journey to bring 4Life Transfer Factor® products to the world. Unlike common supplements you’ll find in health food stores, transfer factors aren’t vitamins, minerals, or herbs; rather, they’re messenger molecules that transfer immune system memory and knowledge from one entity to another.*


We are dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of scientific advancement.


4Life Affiliates enjoy some of the highest payouts in the industry through the 4Life Compensation Plan.


Service is at the heart of everything 4Life does. As you change your life with our phenomenal products and financial opportunity, you can change others’ lives through meaningful acts of service.


Ready to feel satisfied? Everything we do is with you in mind, and our goal is to leave a lasting, positive impression with every interaction.

Award-Winning Products

“Research” is in our name (4Life Research), and innovation is what we do best! When you purchase 4Life products, you’re purchasing products that came from years and years of research and discovery. Our state-of-the-art laboratory has cutting-edge equipment and a top-tier team of scientists who formulate and develop our products. Each product undergoes hundreds of tests to ensure efficacy and quality, and many of our products are patented and validated by third parties.

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Affiliate Success

We want our Affiliates to succeed, so we have a variety of different ways for you to earn.

  1. Resell products
  2. Earn free products with the Loyalty Program
  3. Save with Instant Discounts
  4. With MyShop Rewards and commissions, you can earn 25%!
  5. With Rapid Rewards, earn 25% every time you share. Plus, Rapid Rewards are paid daily!
  6. Unlock over $40k in additional Fast Start bonuses
  7. Use Me and My 3® to structure your team and earn Builder Bonuses
  8. Grow your team; grow your earning potential

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Our goal is to Break the Cycle of Poverty and make a real difference in the lives of children and their families in the countries where 4Life conducts business. Through Foundation 4Life, our nonprofit, we have built a legacy of service that allows children in need to become productive citizens in their communities. Our Affiliates can also purchase bags of 4Life Fortify®. 4Life Fortify offers 12–24 nutritious meals of beans, lentils, and 4Life Transfer Factor for hungry children around the world.

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Customer Satisfaction

We strive to create products that meet and exceed the highest standards so you can feel confident incorporating them into your health routine and sharing them with your friends and loved ones. We have a 100% product satisfaction guarantee. Satisfaction is one of our Values because we value the trust you place in us.

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David Lisonbee

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Danny Lee

President & CEO

Our founder, David Lisonbee, exemplifies our foundational values of Science, Success, Service, and Satisfaction. David’s desire to improve the wellness and quality of life for his family is what compelled him to formulate 4Life Transfer Factor years ago, and 4Life Transfer Factor® Classic became 4Life’s flagship product. David’s passion became a vision that included taking Transfer Factor to the world, and he did—to over 25 markets. Since 1998, David has rooted 4Life in scientific research, created extraordinary opportunities for Affiliates everywhere, served communities in need, and provided groundbreaking health and wellness products to 4Life customers around the world.

4Life President and CEO Danny Lee has been with 4Life for over 12 years and has one clear objective: to make all 4Life interactions—for customers and Affiliates alike—as fun and seamless as possible. (And he is a whole lot of fun himself!) During his time as CEO, Danny has successfully created an unforgettable 4Life experience with top-notch Customer Service that has set a new standard for customer satisfaction.


Since the beginning, 4Life has been recognized as a leader in the health supplement industry. We have won people’s choice awards for 4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen and twice for 4LifeTransform Burn®. We have also been awarded a “Gold” Golden Bridge Award and a Stevie Award for Pre/o Biotics® and the Collaborative Sciences Innovation Award for our 4Life Transfer Factor research. 4Life has also received 4 more awards for immune system supplements, 10 awards for good business practices and leadership, and 5 awards for our ongoing commitment to service and helping those in need.*

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Team 4Life is a group of world-renowned athletes who use 4Life products in their training regimens. From cycling to soccer, boxing to badminton, these pros are at the top of their game.

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4Life is a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. In addition, 4Life belongs to four different organizations to ensure that the ingredients, whether they come from plants or animals, are safely and ethically sourced. 4Life also belongs to four other organizations that help ensure good manufacturing practices.

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