3 Pros of Protein

3 Pros of Protein
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Did you know protein is crucial when it comes to fueling your body and your cells? Protein repairs, builds, and transforms your body and is one of the three major nutrients you need in your diet. Healthy protein consumption also supports bone health, blood pressure, and wound healing after an injury.

Here are three important benefits of protein:

1. Weight loss and maintenance

Protein reduces your appetite and regulates your hunger, which means it can also help reduce your daily calorie intake. Protein takes longer to digest, so it also helps you feel full longer. Protein can also be a good replacement for calorie-dense fats.

2. Building muscle

You can think of protein as the building blocks of your muscles. Muscle is made primarily of protein, so eating more protein can help build and strengthen muscles.

Fun fact: Smaller amounts of protein spread throughout the day are better for regulating appetite and building muscle (a general guideline is to get roughly 20–30 g of protein in your meals and 5–15 g in your snacks).

3. Immune system function

Without enough protein, your body may not be able to create antibodies. Your immune system is made up of proteins, and it also relies on proteins in order to function efficiently.

Protein Sources

Protein comes in many shapes and sizes. In fact, there are many benefits to eating different sources of protein. Legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and other plant-based sources are great ways to get your daily protein. Incorporating different animal and plant-based proteins offers you a good variety and gives you many options for your meals.

How Much Protein Do You Need?

While recommendations vary depending on the source, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), along with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), have made recommendations based on age and activity level.1 Click here to find out how much protein you should be eating. The recommended protein amount is higher for growing children and for adults over the age of 50 who tend to lose more muscle as they grow older.*


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*External links provided in 4Life blog posts are provided strictly as a courtesy to blog readers who may find the linked pages interesting. 4Life is not endorsing these websites or vouching for the accuracy of any information found on these external sites. Reference: 1. https://www.eatright.org/food/nutrition/dietary-guidelines-and-myplate/how-much-protein-should-i-eat