Rapid Reward Enhancements

Rapid Reward Enhancements
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Your favorite rewards program just got better.

The good news . . .

The best part of Rapid Rewards hasn’t changed. Distributors still receive a 25% Rapid Reward on the first LP order of Preferred Customers they personally enroll!

The even better news . . .

Beginning January 1, 2020, you’ll receive a 12% Rapid Reward on first orders when a member of your frontline enrolls someone new (an increase from 2%). When someone on your second level enrolls someone new, you’ll receive 5% on their first order!



How has the Rapid Rewards program changed?

You still receive a 25% commission on the first LP order of your personally enrolled preferred customers. You will now receive a 12% commission on the first LP order of preferred customers on your second level and a 5% commission on the first LP order of preferred customers on your third level.

When will the Rapid Rewards changes be effective?

These changes will go into effect January 1, 2020.

How many times can I qualify for a Rapid Reward?

Every time a preferred customer on the first, second, or third level of your downline makes their first LP purchase, you will receive your Rapid Reward the next day if you meet all the requirements.

How do I qualify for Rapid Rewards?

You will qualify for a Rapid Reward if you (1) qualify at any rank in the current month, (2) have at least 100 PV, and (3) have a downline member place their first order in that month.

When are Rapid Rewards paid?

Rapid Rewards are paid the very next day to your 4Life account, if you meet the requirements.