Important Updates from 4Life®

Important Updates from 4Life®
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The following updates go into effect on October 1, 2018, and are designed to (1) help 4Life distributors more effectively share and sell products and (2) strengthen the integrity of the 4Life business opportunity for distributors worldwide.

Preferred Customers and Distributors*

Beginning October 1, 2018, everyone who joins 4Life enrolls as a Preferred Customer. Preferred Customers:

  • Can purchase 4Life products at the wholesale price
  • Enjoy a 25% instant discount
  • Access exclusive 4Life Loyalty Program benefits
  • Monthly shipments
  • 15% back in Product Credits
  • Bonus product of the month

Preferred Customers will fill out a Terms and Conditions agreement upon sign-up. If a Preferred Customer would like to become a 4Life distributor and begin earning income through the Life Rewards Plan™, he or she would need to enroll someone else, submit a Distributor Application and Agreement, and agree to the terms and conditions.

New 25% Instant Discount

Beginning October 1, 2018, both Preferred Customers and distributors will receive a 25% instant discount—at checkout—on all personal volume over 100 LP. Currently, a 25% personal rebate is issued after purchase, but we are streamlining this process so you receive the financial benefit immediately! Note: This 25% instant discount (on personal volume over 100 LP) is separate from—and in addition to—the 25% (off retail price) savings enjoyed when purchasing products at the wholesale price. The instant discount is not applicable to your first order with LP with 4Life.

Retail Customers and Pricing

We are establishing a standard retail price for each 4Life product. Retail customers are product consumers—not enrolled in 4Life—who purchase products at the new retail price (effective October 1). Preferred Customers and distributors, on the other hand, purchase products at the wholesale price—a 25% savings off the new retail price.

EXAMPLE: 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula currently costs $56.95, regardless of whether you are a distributor or a customer. Beginning October 1, 2018, however, it will cost $57.00 (wholesale price) for preferred customers and distributors, and $76.00 (retail price) for retail customers.

Distributor Benefits of Retail Pricing

Establishing a consistent retail price for 4Life products benefits you, as a distributor, in many ways. As a distributor, you can:

  • Offer a savings of 25% off the retail price on all 4Life products
  • Promote the 25% instant discount on all LP purchased over 100 LP in a month
  • Introduce the benefits of the 4Life Loyalty Program
  • Leverage your My4Life website to offer products at the wholesale price, earning a 25% commission on those sales
  • Sell products to consumers at a retail price for profit

Updated Distributor Ranks and Qualifications

We are updating the requirements for the first two ranks within the Life Rewards Plan™ to more accurately reflect our current business model.

Updates to Associate rank**

  • The old qualification required 50 monthly PV and no personally-enrolled distributors.
  • The new qualification requires 100 monthly PV and 1 personally-enrolled Preferred Customer or distributor with 100 PV a month on your frontline.

Leader rank is now Builder rank**

  • The old rank of Leader required 100 monthly PV and 4 personally-enrolled distributors.
  • The new rank of Builder requires 100 monthly PV and 3 personally-enrolled Preferred Customers or distributors, each with 100 PV a month, on your frontline.

This change effectively aligns the requirements for the rank of Builder with the refreshed Builder Bonus requirements.

Note: The Leader4Life program is discontinued.

Builder Bonus

The new Builder Bonus leverages the power of “me and my three”—you and your personally-enrolled frontline Preferred Customers and distributors—to help increase enrollment, encourage duplication, and support retention.

Builder Bonus Basics

1. To qualify for the Builder Bonus, you must qualify at the Builder rank, receive a 100 LP 4Life Loyalty Program order, and fulfill the required Team Volume. (Team Volume includes your principal volume, plus the orders of your frontline Preferred Customers and distributors.)

2. Builder Bonus is paid on a monthly basis.

3. There are three Builder Bonus payments that you can earn: $50, $200, and $800. Each bonus is achieved through structure and Team Volume.

  • $50: You must have 3 personally-enrolled Preferred Customers or distributors on your frontline, each with at least 100 LP in Loyalty Program orders, and have 600 LP in Team Volume. This bonus is available to distributors with a rank of Builder.
  • $200: Your 3 frontline distributors must each have 3 qualified (100 LP Loyalty Program order), personally-enrolled preferred customers or distributors on their frontline with a minimum of 600 LP in Team Volume. This bonus is available to distributors with a rank of Builder or Diamond.
  • $800: Your 9 qualified distributors on your second level must each have 3 qualified (100 LP Loyalty Program order), personally-enrolled Preferred Customers or distributors under them with a minimum of 600 LP in Team Volume. This bonus is available to distributors with a rank of Builder, Diamond, or Presidential Diamond

Note: This bonus is not cumulative; a distributor may earn either the $50, $200, or $800 bonus, but not all three at one time.

Thank you for all that you do to build your successful business as a 4Life distributor. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please contact Distributor Services at [email protected] or 888-454-3374.

*In most markets, an enrollment fee is required to enjoy the benefits of 4Life membership.

**For full details, see the updated Life Rewards Basics brochure, available October 1, 2018.