Facts About 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen® Everyone Should Know

Facts About 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen® Everyone Should Know
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Q: What is collagen?

A: Collagen is a vital structural protein in the human body. Often referred to as the “glue” that holds your body together, collagen is present in connective tissue throughout your body, including the skin. Collagen is made of three amino acid strands wound together that form a triple-helix. These triple-helixes form collagen fibers, which are the main component of connective tissue in your body.*

Q: Why is it important to consume multiple types of collagen?

A: Collagen is made up of amino acid chains. Variations in the amino acids create different types of collagen in your body. There are over 20 types of collagen identified, which all have slightly different functions in your body. For instance, types I and III are found mostly in the skin, while type II is more common in the joints. It’s important to take multiple types of collagen to support your whole body.*

Q: Why is collagen so vital?

A: When you’re young and still developing, your body. Your body produces enough collagen to support your needs. Over time, collagen production declines and your body begins breaking down, making supplementation important.

Q: How does collagen support healthy joints?

A: Joints depend on cartilage to stay healthy and function well. Because collagen makes up about 60% of the cartilage in your joints, collagen supplementation can help regenerate and support healthy joint function.*

Q: What is 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen?

A: 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen includes five different types of collagen, sourced from fish, chicken bone broth, and egg shell membranes. It features 4Life Tri- Factor® Formula to help educate the immune system. It also includes vitamins A, C, and E, biotin, and an Age-Defying Plant Complex.*

Q: How does 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen benefit my skin?

A: 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen helps replenish collagen levels to support healthy skin. It improves skin moisture, tone, and elasticity and slows the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, it supports immune system function with 4Life Transfer Factor.*

Q: Where does 4Life source the collagen for this product?

A: The collagen in 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen comes from fish, chicken bone broth, and egg shell membrane.

Q: What benefits does the Age-Defying Plant Complex provide?

A: The Age-Defying Plant Complex combines wheat (Triticum aestivum) seed extract and astaxanthin. This blend improves skin moisture and elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles. It also delivers age-defying antioxidant benefits that reduce oxidative stress in the skin, joints, and brain.*

Q: Which antioxidants are included in this product?

A: Vitamins A, C, and E and astaxanthin provide powerful antioxidant support.*

Q: Why does this product contain hydrolyzed fish collagen?

A: Collagen molecules are large and can be difficult for your body to use. Hydrolyzing the collagen breaks up the peptides into much smaller units that are easier for your body to utilize.