Got the Best Colostrum?

Got the Best Colostrum?
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How much do you know about 4Life's not-so-secret ingredient? Whether you’re an expert or you’re new to transfer factors, read on to discover more health benefits from nature’s first food.*

Colostrum is naturally designed to help us get off to the best possible start. In this first milk, nature’s immune wisdom is passed from mother to baby via molecules, called transfer factors. These transfer factor molecules contain immune memory and teach cells how to better recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats. The result is a stronger, wiser immune system.*

“When I first discovered existing research on transfer factors, I thought to myself, ‘this just makes sense,’” said 4Life Founder and Chairman of the Board David Lisonbee. “It’s natural that from the beginning, our bodies would have a supplemental tool to give us the best chance for a healthy life.”*

4Life sources its colostrum from cruelty-free dairy farms around the United States. The colostrum is shipped to the 4Life manufacturing plant in Vineyard, Utah, where it is tested, filtered, and used in 4Life Transfer Factor products.

“Cows produce over 6-10 gallons of colostrum, which is far more than the calf will consume. The calves take what they need and then some, and then we only collect what’s left over,” said Lisonbee.

4Life’s in-house Research and Development team is dedicated to studying colostrum and 4Life Transfer Factor. Through its ongoing research, R&D has pinpointed many health benefits and learned how to best utilize 4Life Transfer Factor through specific formulations.