4Life Launches 4LifeTransform PreZoom

4Life Launches 4LifeTransform PreZoom
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Salt Lake City, UT (January 24, 2022) 4Life recently launched a new product: 4LifeTransform® PreZoom. PreZoom is the newest addition to the 4LifeTransform® product line, which now includes nine products.

PreZoom contains CarnoSyn®, creatine monohydrate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, betaine, BCAA (2:1:1), L-Glutamine, L-Citrulline, tyrosine, green tea leaf extract, L-Theanine, and 4Life Transfer Factor® Tri-Factor® Formula.

Senior Vice President of Marketing Kelly Bellerose: “I’ve been using this product for the last three months, and I love it. The response from our customers who sampled this product is so encouraging, too, and we can’t wait for everyone to try this one-of-a-kind product.”

4Life, the Immune System Company, and the first to bring transfer factor research to market, has offices in 25 markets to serve the company’s worldwide customers.

For more information:
Calvin Jolley
Vice President Corporate Communications
4Life Research
[email protected]