4Life Transfer Factor Lung Research

4Life Transfer Factor Lung Research
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Salt Lake City, UT (July 25, 2022) 4Life Research Chief Scientific Officer Dr. David Vollmer recently announced the publication of an independent study about 4Life Transfer Factor Lung. The study will appear in the journal S China J P Med.

The study examined how 4Life Transfer Factor Lung protects against the effects of air pollution.

4Life Vice President of Research and Development Dr. Lawry Han: “The months-long project included collaboration between scientists from the School of Public Health, Southern Medical University, and the College of Biochemical Engineering at Beijing Union University.”

Since the company launched in 1998, science has been at the core of 4Life products. This latest study and its forthcoming publication provides customers with ongoing assurance that the company remains committed to the validation of independent research.

Senior Vice President of Research and Development Dr. Brent Vaughan: “This publication provides another example of 4Life’s continuous pursuit to validate its products and further 4Life Transfer Factor® science. Publication is always an honor.”

4Life, the Immune System Company®, and the first to bring transfer factor research to market, has offices in dozens of countries to serve the company’s worldwide customers.

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