4Life Transfer Factor AgePro

Healthy aging supplement to help extend lifespan and improve healthspan!*^

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AgePro is 4Life’s best supplement to support longevity!*

AgePro is the only healthy aging supplement with 4Life Transfer Factor! AgePro can rejuvenate the immune system for a more youthful response to health threats.*

Healthy Aging and Cellular Health*

Combat the three main aging challenges with AgePro!*

Rejuvenates and educates aging immune cells with 4Life Transfer Factor®*

Clears out old, malfunctioning cells with quercetin*

Contains NMN, which acts on NAD+ indicators (a life-essential coenzyme) within one hour*

The Immune System’s Connection to Aging

If you are only as old as you feel, it’s important to keep your immune system running optimally. Unfortunately, your immune system begins to lose its focus as you age. 4Life Transfer Factor has been shown in studies to educate and re-energize immune cells. When your immune system is happy, so is the rest of your body!*

Don’t let unhealthy aging happen to you. Reprogram the way you age with AgePro.*

Directions and details

Take 2 capsules daily with 8 oz. or more of liquid.

NMN (β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) (98% NMN) – This naturally occurring compound, derived from vitamin B3, is converted to NAD+ indicators as early as one hour after taking AgePro. NAD+ helps repair DNA and regulate cellular health. NMN has also been clinically proven to improve performance and support healthy aging.*

Quercetin – This potent antioxidant helps protect against cellular damage. In laboratory and preclinical studies, quercetin has been shown to be a potent senolytic that helps remove malfunctioning cells. It also has the added benefit of reducing harmful free radicals that can cause oxidative stress.*

Apigenin – This natural bioactive compound is a potent antioxidant found in many fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Apigenin helps protect against damaging free radicals and promotes healthy cell aging. In laboratory and preclinical models, apigenin complements quercetin and other senolytic ingredients in their job to clear out old, harmful cells.*

White Button Mushroom Powdered Extract (1% spermidine) — 4Life discovered this extract while testing numerous natural products for senolytic activity in laboratory studies. No other company is using this ingredient technology.*

Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG) — In preclinical models, AKG has been shown to be a key molecule involved in cellular energy and may help modulate the aging process. AKG has also been shown to have antioxidant properties.*

4Life Transfer Factor Blend – This blend bolsters Natural Killer (NK) cells in the presence of a health threat. In laboratory studies, 4Life Transfer Factor supported aging immune cells.*

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The Science of AgePro

AgePro targets multiple pathways to support more vibrant aging*

AgePro Timeline

AgePro starts working in your body almost immediately, and you may feel the effects within a matter of weeks!*

0-60 Minutes

NMN absorbed in the gut*

Indicators of NAD+ levels begin to increase*

4Life Transfer Factor activates NK cells*

2-3 Weeks

Salivary IgA (a positive immune health marker) increases*

Immune response improves*

Cellular protection improves*

4 Weeks

NAD+ levels increase by over 150%*

Improved physical performance*

2 Months

Significant improvements in key areas such as physical activity, emotional and social health, energy levels, and physical and mental comfort.*

Skin aging markers start to decrease*

24% walking speed increase*

Transfer Factor AgePro FAQs

  • What is AgePro?
    AgePro is a scientifically studied supplement that targets the main pathways of aging and supports an aging immune system, which is directly connected to how our bodies age.*
  • What does AgePro do?
    AgePro can extend lifespan and improve healthspan.*
  • What is NAD+?
    Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is an important part of the cellular energy cycle. NAD+ is a life-essential enzyme. In fact, you can’t survive without it, since your cells need energy to function!*

    NAD+ levels begin to decrease as early as age 30, setting your cells to “low power mode.” Low cell power equals a lower functioning you. This threat impacts all cells, including immune cells! Adults of all ages should take care to maintain optimal NAD+ levels.*
  • What is NMN?
    NMN stands for β-Nicotinamide Mononucleotide. NMN makes it easier for your body to maintain healthy NAD levels. NMN has been clinically shown to improve physical performance and support healthy aging. NMN also supports cellular power and repair.*  

    NMN increases NAD levels, which help repair the DNA in your cells. NMN, via NAD production, may also help improve your immune cells.*
  • What is the difference between AgePro and Gold Factor®?
    AgePro acts on your body’s biological aging pathways and, in laboratory studies, showed the potential to extend lifespan by targeting an aging immune system. Gold Factor acts as a catalyst for your cells and energizes them. AgePro adds more resources (through science-backed ingredients) to the cellular energy creation pool while Gold Factor increases available cellular energy, energizes your body’s trillions of cells and helps them do more with less effort, and supports cellular vitality.*

    These products make a great team, so we encourage you to take them together! As noted on the Gold Factor bottle, wait 15 minutes before and after taking Gold Factor before taking AgePro or any other product.*
  • Can I take AgePro with other 4Life products?
    Yes, AgePro makes a great companion for many of our products. We specifically recommend 4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen, 4Life Transfer Factor® Collagen Type I, Gold Factor, Renuvo®, or any of our RiteStart® products.*
  • How does AgePro affect my cells?
    AgePro works in the cellular environment and energizes and supports healthy, younger-acting cells and can support all cells, including immune cells.*
  • What is the best age to start taking this product?
    You must be at least 18 years old to take AgePro. This product is ideal for aging adults, but it’s also great for adults of any age looking to support endurance, performance, core energy, longevity, and healthspan. It’s never too early to invest in your overall wellness and reprogram the way you age!*
  • When will I feel a difference from AgePro?
    You may feel an increase in energy and other benefits within about 30 days, but AgePro starts working on your biological pathways within an hour. NMN has great studies to support its positive effects on cellular aging.* 
  • Are there any studies on AgePro and its ingredients?
    Yes! In fact, NASA, the U.S. Military, Harvard University, and other institutions are studying the cellular benefits of NMN, which is a key ingredient in AgePro. White button mushroom powdered extract, apigenin, quercetin, and AKG have also been shown in scientific studies to have a positive effect on cell aging.*

    AgePro, as a full product, has also undergone independent laboratory studies that suggest it may work well along certain aging pathways.*

    Our personal favorite study result is that the 4Life Transfer Factor® in AgePro has been shown to rejuvenate aging immune cells!*
  • How much AgePro should I take?
    The suggested daily dose is 2 capsules. Remember, you need to take AgePro every day to experience the lasting benefits.*
4Life Transfer Factor AgePro Study Interview - Dr. Patel and Dr. Vollmer
^As seen in laboratory studies.
†As seen in pre-clinical studies.