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Target healthy aging*

Renuvo is a patented formula featuring adaptogenic herbs that target healthy aging by supporting a more youthful response to daily life stressors such as an unhealthy diet, intensive exercise, or mental stress.*

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Adaptogen: noun a·dap·to·gen | \ ə-’dap-tə-jən \ : a nontoxic substance, especially a plant extract, that increases the body's ability to resist the damaging effects of stress and promotes or restores normal physiological function.

Combat stress*

Take Renuvo pre- or post-workout or every day to combat mental or physiological stress.*

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Renuvo Proprietary Formula Benefits

Supports total body recovery and mental acuity*

Supports a more youthful response to daily physiological stressors*

Supports energy, sexual vitality, and a healthy immune system*

Powered by exclusive molecules

Renuvo is the ONLY adaptogenic formula in the world powered by 4Life Transfer Factor®.

This product also includes adaptogenic herbs: raponticum, ashwagandha, schisandra, turmeric, and green tea.

In a randomized, controlled, 30-day pre-clinical study, Renuvo reduced the physiological stress marker TNF-alpha, improved antioxidant capacity, and alleviated the gain in body weight in response to a high-fat, high-sugar diet.*

In addition, studies show Renuvo:

Decreased a protein created in response to stress by 64%*

Increased sexual vitality and detoxification*

Decreased oxidative damage from free radicals by 42%*

Renuvo is patented

4Life seeks out patents for our products and the way we source our ingredients because we care about our customers and Affiliates. Our products are unique, and we have the patents to prove it. It's one more way we uphold our Science value as a company.