From Our Earth; For Your LifeTM

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Unique, powerful, and proprietary mineral-based solutions from our earth, for your life. 4LifeElements are engineered by 4Life scientists and utilize precious minerals from our planet. These products work to bolster your quality of life at the ATOMIC level!*

4LifeElements solutions suspend pristine, natural, bioactive minerals in a liquid environment for optimal preservation. These formulas work at the atomic level—providing essential micro support to cellular structures.*

Powerfully Effective and Scientifically Proven

Gold Factor

Precious. Pure. Powerful. Gold Factor is a delicate suspension of pure, ultra-fine, intricately shaped gold particles that activate your cells to promote vitality, longevity, and memory.*

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Zinc Factor

Zinc Factor is one of the only ionic solutions available that features the power of both silver AND zinc ions to power your immune system. Use this formula when your immune system needs an extra boost!*

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Uniquely Developed and Exclusively Licensed

Our scientists rely on the most cutting edge scientific advancements to develop pure and best-in-class formulas.

We achieve this level of excellence by infusing pristine, precision-cleaned minerals into ultra-pure water.

These precious minerals remain suspended in their supercharged state, awaiting the opportunity to benefit your cells.

The Science of Gold Factor
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